12 frågor till Zandy Mangold

Jag lärde känna fotografen Zandy Mangold under veckorna på The New York Post våren 2008. Han frilansar för dem och en rad andra updragsgivare och har ägnat de senaste åren till att fotografera maratontävlingar på olika platser i världen. Zandy plåtar även mycket musik och studio, här finns hans blogg.

1. Vad betyder fotografi för dig?

It is a dynamic way to connect with people and places.

2. När och hur kom du på att du ville bli fotograf?

I was born this way.  i only stole one thing in my life – it was a polaroid and I was six years old.

3. Beskriv kort din bakgrund, hur du utbildat dig och var du jobbat.

I grew up deep in the woods of New Hampshire, dreaming of documenting the far off places i saw in national geographic magazine.  I also played a lot of sports so one of my current jobs, photographing ultramarathon races in remote locales, is a perfect combination for me.  I attended an amazing high school called concord academy in Concord, MA where I took my first photography class.  During college I interned as a photographer for La Nacion in Santiago, Chile. After college I worked as a journalist in Washington, DC then realized I was ignoring my true passion for photography, and enrolled in a photography program at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA which set me on a career path for photo. For 5 years I was an assistant / photographer until I went full-time as a freelance photographer.

4. Hur arbetar du med fotografi idag?

I am based out of New York, but shoot all over the globe.  The New York Post is my most consistent client while in New York in addition to shooting some music and cuisine.

5. Vad använder du dig av för teknik?

I use the Canon 35mm digital system and Apple laptop.

6. Vilka andra fotografer inspirerar dig?

My friends and their iphones.  I like genuine moments in photography and the easy to use and ubiquitous nature of cell phones are great for capturing sincere moments.  Music photographers of the 1960’s and 70’s are my favorite.

7. Berätta lite om ditt senaste projekt.

Over the past two years I have documented six day ultramarathons in places such as Antarctica, Chile, China and Egypt and will publish a book after one more race in Nepal in November 2011.

8. Och vad blir nästa utmaning?

I have no idea, but given the nature of photography a challenge is soon to come haha.  Balancing work and life may be the greatest challenge at the moment.

9. Hinner du vara ledig ibland? Vad gör du då?

If the phone doesn’t ring then I am off work! haha  I can take personal time, but consecutive days off always make a freelancer nervous.  Outside of work I cook, play the drums, tennis and basketball and run – a lot.  I ran a 250km race through the wild Australian Outback last year (pics) and this year ran the Boston Marathon. The New York Marathon in November.

10. Är utmärkelser viktiga?

I have never thought about either, though they would be nice to have so…

11. Vad skulle du göra om du inte var fotograf tror du?

I would be a rock drummer or open a small cafe featuring pizza and Chilean wine.

12. Framtidsdrömmar och mål?

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had and feel as though I am living the dream so more of the same would be great:)

Zandy Mangold fotograferad av vännerna Alexandra Hamlyn och Matthew Welsh http://www.killdiscodesign.com


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