12 frågor till Dan Callister

På hans hemsida finns färgglada porträtt och starka livsöden, svartvita betraktelser och mystiska undervattensbilder. Dan Callister är fotografen som jobbar världen över, med det mesta, och våra vägar korsades för några år sedan.

Dan är den nittonde fotografen i min serie ”12 frågor”, du hittar tidigare intervjuer här.

1. Vad betyder fotografi för dig?

Basically photography and the job is beyond a passion, it’s become lifestyle, it means everything.

2. När och hur kom du på att du ville bli fotograf?

I wanted to become a photographer at a very young age, I got my first camera when I was ten and from then on I knew I wanted to become a photographer.  My father is a journalist and there were always photographers visiting the house as a child.

3. Beskriv kort din bakgrund, hur du utbildat dig och var du jobbat.

Basically I’m from North Wales and left School when I was fifteen to become a junior photographer, I worked all over the UK and Europe for various publications before moving to the US in 1998.

4. Hur arbetar du med fotografi i dag?

I’m currently a New York based photojournalist working primarily for European and Australian publications. I mainly do News features and underwater photography.

5. Vad använder du dig av för teknik?

I’m currently using Canon digital cameras and lenses and use Apple computers.  I use different underwater housing and strobes for the underwater stuff.

6. Vilka andra fotografer inspirerar dig?

There are so many, I love Joe McNally, James Nachtwey, Steve McCurry, David Doubilet (underwater), Brian Skerry (underwater) and Timothy Allen’s work.  There are so many photographer’s work that I enjoy.  I don’t think I have the space to name them all!

7. Berätta lite om ditt senaste projekt.

I’m currently working on a couple, the Great White shark project is still ongoing. I’m also working on a feature about Black Cowboys.  I’m hoping to start shooting very soon!

8. Och vad blir nästa utmaning?

I think the next challenge is surviving this global recession, it seems to be ongoing and the print media industry is in dire straits.   The digital age is definitely exciting but with it comes new challenges.

9. Hinner du vara ledig ibland? Vad gör du då?

Ha ha, good question.  All my hobbies are photography related apart from drinking! My girlfriend says I’m never off work, the e-mail on my phone is always going off!!

10. Är utmärkelser viktiga?

I think they are, awards can bring attention to worthy causes and grants definitely are needed especially in these times where publications are un-willing to fund the coverage of stories.

11. Vad skulle du göra om du inte var fotograf tror du?

I think it would be something in the diving or marine industry .  I love being near, in and on the water!

12. Framtidsdrömmar och mål?
I’d love to photograph Polar Bears underwater and be able to travel and photograph all the projects that are on my bucket list!

Dan Callister.


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